Welcome to the Ultracold Quantum Gases Group of Leticia Tarruell

The ultracold quantum gases group is a recently established experimental research group at the quantum optics department of ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona, Spain.

In our research we use ultracold (nanokelvin) atomic gases as model systems to explore fundamental phenomena in quantum many-body physics. By exploiting atom-light interactions, we engineer highly controllable artificial quantum materials and probe their properties. Our goal is to employ these systems as quantum simulators for studying open problems in condensed-matter physics, and to realize novel phases without counterpart in the solid-state context. Our research therefore lies at the crossing between quantum optics and condensed-matter physics.


To learn more about our research topics and the experimental techniques that we use, you can have a look at our research page and at some previous publications. You are also welcome to contact us directly with any questions!

ICFO lab impressions