Open positions

We are always looking for excellent and highly motivated candidates to join our group and explore with us the ultracold world! We offer positions at all levels: undergraduate projects, bachelor and master theses, and PhD and postdoc positions.

In particular, we have right now a fully funded PhD project on the liquid droplets experiment, and are looking for an excellent PhD applicant willing to start a thesis already this Fall. If you are interested, contact Leticia Tarruell for more details.

If you are interested in any other opening, don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to Leticia Tarruell. For PhD and postdoc candidates, please attach your CV and the name of two people who could provide letters of recommendation. You should submit this as well to the official ICFO applications’ website, where you will find more details on the positions.

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PhD and postdoc positions

Ideally, we are looking for PhD applicants who have already worked in a laser lab before, or have a background in quantum optics, atomic physics or condensed-matter physics. Knowledge of some of the relevant technologies such as vacuum, electronics, optics or programming is certainly a plus, but motivation to work in a team is as important. You should be enthusiastic about setting up and conducting challenging experiments at the forefront of both fundamental quantum mechanics and technology.

For postdocs, we are seeking for candidates with prior experience in quantum gases, atomic physics or quantum optics. We offer the opportunity to play a key role in planning and conducting experiments on our new quantum gas machine. We provide access to excellent technical facilities, and the possibility to work in a stimulating theoretical environment.

Master theses

Are you looking for a challenging project in experimental quantum optics or ultracold quantum gases? A Master thesis is a good opportunity to enter the field and learn more about our interdisciplinary research at the crossing between quantum optics and condensed-matter physics.
We are seeking for candidates with a good background in quantum mechanics and optics, and a strong interest in learning more about ultracold quantum gases. Besides students from the Barcelona Master in Photonics program, we also welcome applicants from other Masters in Spain and abroad.

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Bachelor theses and undergraduate internships

Are you interested in learning more about the exciting field of ultracold quantum gases and the experimental techniques that we use to cool down atomic gases close to absolute zero? We offer motivated students the opportunity to participate in the construction of our ultracold quantum gas experiment through a shorter-term project.

We propose final degree projects (Proyecto de Fin de Grado) for students in physics and physics engineering, as well as other related engineering studies in the Barcelona area. Projects can be more fundamental or technology-oriented, depending on your background, interests and degree requirements.

If you are french and are looking for a stage (M1 or M2), note that we are at least partially a french speaking lab. We have already hosted stagiaires from France in the group (ENS Cachan, X), and are always happy to do that again.

We also offer undergraduate internships. They are a good way to get hands-on experimental physics and technology experience and develop your own project in a small team of Master students, PhD students and postdocs. In the summer there is the opportunity to participate in the ICFO summer fellows’ program, but we can also host students during the rest of the year.

Possible projects in our group include:

  • Lasers, polarization and fiber optics
  • Spectroscopy and frequency stabilization of lasers
  • Ultra-high vacuum technology and computer assisted design
  • Electronics: from PID and feedback control loops to high-power circuits
  • Radio-frequency and micro-wave generation and antennae
  • Control system design (both software and hardware)
  • Development of optical imaging systems
  • Optical magnetometry
  • Digital micromirror devices
  • Tunable-spacing optical lattices

For a more detailed description of what we do, please have a look at our research and publication pages, as well as to this collection of reference materials.